Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Packing List for Camp

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Suggested Clothing & Packing List

Most items below will be needed by your camper regardless of the session length. Laundry is done once a week. Campers can go through several changes of clothes in one day depending on activity and weather. Plan for extra clothes in the event of bad weather.  Good rain wear is essential.  All items should be clearly marked with your camper’s name using an iron on label or permanent marker. Please do not send expensive or sentimental items to camp. Ipods, Gameboys, PSPs can easily get misplaced. We suggest you leave these items at home!

Daily Wear

8 T-Shirts

10 Pair of Socks

8 Pair Underwear

6 Shorts

2 Jeans or Long Pants

2 Pairs of Sneakers

1 Warm Jacket

2 Sweat Shirts

2 Pair Sweat Pants

Miscellaneous old clothing. We do not

recommend buying new clothes for Camp.

Wet Weather:

1 Poncho or Rain Jacket (with hood)

1 Weather proof boots


2 Swimsuits and 2 Beach Towels

1 Pair of Sandals (Required)

Other items:

Tennis Racket (Optional-Camp has these.)

Fishing Rod (Optional-Camp has these.)

Bike Helmet (Required if planning on biking)

Mountain Bike (Optional, Camp has these.)

Skateboard (Optional, Camp has these.)

Roller blades (Optional, Camp has these.)

Pads (Optional, Camp has these.)

Disposable Camera

1 outfit for dances and special events

Phone Card to call home with.

Horseback Riding:

Long Pants & Helmet (Bike Helmet OK)

Hard Shoes/Boots with Small heel 


2 PJs

1 Bathrobe (Optional)

2 Sets Twin or Cot Size Sheets

1 Pillow & 2 Pillow Cases

3 Twin or Cot Size Blankets (Or Comforter)


1 Camp Trunk to store everyday items (Required)

1 Duffel (Optional: additional storage helpful)

2 Laundry Bags

4 Bath Towels and washcloths

1 Toiletry tote to keep personal items organized.

1 Comb and/or Brush

2 toothbrushes/2 Small tubes of toothpaste

1 Soapbox and extra soap

1 Shampoo/Conditioner

1 Sunscreen

1 Flashlight with batteries

 2 Small packs Kleenex

2 Sticks insect repellent (Non aerosol please.)

Self addressed & stamped envelopes (2 per week)

1 Hanging shoe bag with pockets to organize   

   personal items for easy access. (important)

1 Phone Card for personal Phone Calls

1 Address book to collect friends phone #’s     

    and e-mail addresses.

Hikes and Day Trips:

1 Sleeping Bag (Optional: can be opened for use

   as a blanket in camper’s bunk)

1 Backpack (Required)

1 Canteen (optional)

1 Pair Hiking Shoes

Do Not Send:

Fireworks, Matches, Pocket Knives, Cash, Cigarettes, Expensive Jewelry, Spray Cans, Candles, Incense, Toy guns of any type, Silly String, Exploding devises including Party Poppers, Pop Pops, Digital Cameras or walkie talkies. A NOTE ABOUT CELL PHONES: We do not have any cell service at camp. Cell phones (and Digital Cameras) will not be allowed in camper cabins and will be taken to be stored in the Directors cabin. Cell phones will be handed out for designated field trips only.