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Things to Consider When Choosing a Summer Camp

Sleep Away summer camp in Massachusetts is an extraordinary place for children to learn to be independent and spend time outdoors doing things that they are unable to do during the school year. At a sleep away camp in Massachusetts, children can spend time away from high tech equipment and instead focus on outdoor play and activities that develop communication, leadership, and other skills. However, picking a sleep away camp in Massachusetts is not easy because of the large number of them available. You may find it difficult to know how to pick a summer camp in Massachusetts. Here are some things to consider:

Age of Child

Before you select a sleep away camp in Massachusetts keep in mind the age of the child and ensure that they are ready to spend a week or longer away from you. Some children are ready for a sleep away camp when they are nine, others only when they are 12. As such there are camps that are meant for younger children and others that are for older children and teenagers. When you are looking for a sleep away camp, find out the age group of the children they cater to.


Another important criterion that parents need to decide when they are selecting a sleep away camp in Massachusetts is the affordability. Some camps can be very expensive and offer plenty of luxurious facilities, but might be out of your reach. By using this criterion, you will be able to narrow down the list of camps.

Safety and Emergency

A quality sleep away camp should have proper safety and emergency routines in place. Make sure that the Massachusetts camp you select has staff and a camp director trained in safety procedures. The camp should also have emergency medical facilities. Additionally, the camp should have staff trained to identify and prevent instances of bullying, abuse, and sexual abuse of children by counselors and other children.

Communication with Parents

When you are sending your child to a sleep away camp in Massachusetts you need to ensure that you will be kept informed about any important issues. You need to find out how the camp will communicate with parents both about routine events and emergencies.

Nature of Your Child

Some children thrive only in small groups, while others are happy in larger groups where they have more children to interact with. If your child will be more comfortable in a small group, you need to find a camp with a fewer number of children.

Interests of Your Child

The sleep away camp in Massachusetts should offer your child more than camp fires and marshmallows. The camp should offer a range of activities some of which your child is already interested in and some you would like your child to develop an interest in. For instance, a camp that offers children a chance to learn and experiment with music while also introducing them to photography or flora would ensure that a child interested in music enjoys the camp even as they learn a bit more about nature and/or photography.


Before you pick a sleep away camp in Massachusetts, you also need to ensure their disciplinary philosophy and ensure that this is in line with your ideas.

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