Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

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Two female campers by the side of the swimming pool

Camp Half Moon located in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts offers a Traditional Sleepover Camp experience as well as a day camp program for local campers ages 3-15. Our sleep away camp in the Berkshires is an engaging and rewarding experience for children ages 6-16. The essence of this experience enhances a child's self esteem, independence and social values in addition to providing wonderful memories which often last a life time.

It is Half Moon's belief that children gain the most from their camp experience during a minimum stay of three weeks. This allows time for each camper to develop a sense of accomplishment through the development of new activity skills and to cultivate special friendships and enhance personal growth and independence, which is the essence of the summer camp experience. Thus we only accept a limited number of one and two week enrollments in order to maintain continuity within our program. Contact us to learn more about our sleep away camp in Western Massachusetts.